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Oo these shoes are amazing . . . they are so comfortable and so very high I feel so TALL in them and being that I am 5’3” it is AWESOME!

Front Shot!
accessories shot ring is so wooow weeee totally trying to do a Vogue shot (yes you may laugh)
My face isn’t showing because I really don’t know how to pose like everyone else does on here lol NOT A MODEL but damn good dresser!

Break Down time :
Vest: Marc Jacobs
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Random Store in Fordham
Ring: one of those stands on the streets of SoHo LUV IT!
Bracelets: Mix of just about so much!

PS as I finish typing this RZP 3 is on . . . I DIE FOR THIS SHOW . . . I feel like I get so creative after I watch this . . . THANX MRS RACHEL ZOE!

PPS of course some food shots MY DIET WENT TO HELL AGAIN!!!! if I was doing a low carb this would rock but im not!
hmmm habachi at nodas! I had dinner with one of my most darling friends Kristina I just ADORE HER!

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