What was I thinking?

I got these shoes I believe 2 years ago … I wore them once for about half hour and now I know why . .. THEY KILLED ME ALLLLLLLL DAY! . .. . wrong shoes to wear while I was standing and running around at the cigar store

OBVIOUSLY did not like face again! I will figure out how to make normal faces and look like a normal human being on of these days hahahahaha

ooo this was my necklace its like statment but chill at the same time . . . O but what I didnt realize is it made like an arrow thing straight to my boobs . . . one of the guys at the cigar store was happy to inform me on such ! errrr talk about not wanting to bring attention to these monsters!

Lets Break It down for ya:
Top: Zoya boutique www.zoyaboutique.com
Shorts: Vince
Shoes: Hmm I think forever21
Necklace: Zoay boutique www.zoyaboutique.com

ok lovies until tomorrow mwa

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