Wedding Wednesday: How I found my dream dress!

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I am going to start a Wedding Wednesday series. Ideas , advice, and pictures so your day can go smoothly and you can look back like I do and smile! The first part is the WEDDING DRESS!

I have to say the easiest part of my wedding was finding my dress. I think as girls we all have an idea on how we expect that moment to go. It is the very start of the whole wedding process. We dreamed of our dress for as long as we thought of being brides (well at least I did along with all my friends). We may have changed our ideas through out the years but as soon as we grasped the concept that we are now engaged and it is time to start really shopping no more just thinking, pinning our dream dress or designing it in our head – it becomes a BIG DEAL!

As for me I have always imagined a certain look elegant but sort of sexy at the same time. Timeless really. I think I achieved it. Let me tell you about my experience shopping for my dress.

How It Began:

I made appointments everywhere ! Kleinfelds, bridal shops all over New Jersey & New York. Luckily I only had to go to two! The first place I went to was horrible –

There were so many things that just were not right. First, they took me into this showroom it was beautiful I will give them that however it was much like a Kleinfelds LOTS OF OTHER BRIDES. I guess because I went on a Saturday they rushed me through my appointment. I felt so frustrated because of it! Something no one should ever feel when they are picking THE DRESS OF THEIR LIFETIME!

Another thing I did not like is I gave them a budget (lower than my real budget) and they brought me nothing but the “budget #” and higher! How do you bring HIGHER? What if I fell in love with a dress that I could not afford? Luckily I lied and I did really like this one dress (over the “budget #”) it was nothing like I dreamed of and it was super small so I couldn’t get the whole idea. It had SPARKLE galore!! I am not a SPARKLE bride though but you get caught up in  the moment especially when you are being rushed.

Another issue that was kind of annoying the dress I tried on was a size 2 I am a size 4/6. How do you only have size 2 dresses and LIE TO ME WHEN I CALLED AND ASKED! I always wanted LACE and all the lace dresses they brought me were terrible so I legit took lace out of my mind and said guess I am not made for that look. After leaving there finding nothing I was so discouraged. Super sad even thinking I would never find my dress.

Finding the one:

Vera’s Bridal Shop:

I had another appointment in New Jersey at this shop called Vera’s Bridal. Let me tell you the difference of the two places. She took her time with me I explained some of the story that happened at the last place she was so so so sweet! First we had the whole shop to ourselves which was great because I brought a lot of people but it was all my super close people. We went into this even more gorgeous showroom. I felt so fancy! I told her how I always wanted lace but realized it was not for me after the last appointment. She still brought me a lace dress to try on. She wanted me to make sure I tried EVERYTHING on.

So here I go:

I tried on the first dress on. It was a beautiful dress had some bling on it, it was so pretty, but it was NOT THE ONE. So she goes just try this lace dress on. At first I was like ugh it’s going to look gross on me. Boy was I wrong! INSTANTLY I KNEW IT WAS THE ONE! People are right its like finding the one you’re going to marry – YOU JUST KNOW.  Below is dressing it up with headpiece and cathedral veil & veil I was suppose to change into after walking in that did not happen. All from Rosa Clara.

The big reveal:

I was so nervous to come out of the room because I was so in love with it and was hoping everyone else was going to love it just as much as I did. Luckily, every ones jaw dropped everyone loved it!! Tears happened and well I didn’t really need to try anymore. I however did just to be safe but kept going back! I did not even want to take it off!!

There isn’t enough good words I can say about Vera!

If you are in the NY/NJ area and you are getting married you need to go to her! Heck if you are anywhere she is worth the flight! Even when my dress came in she was so attentive to my dress and how to make it fit my body how I wanted it too.  I still get excited looking at these pics and the professional ones.

This is my last fitting:

The bustle for the DANCING!

A funny fact is one of my friends purchased a dress she hated at another very very popular wedding shop in New York and she wanted to find another one a month before her wedding. I told her to go to Vera. She went and she found her dream dress there as well! She purchased it right off the rack after some alterations she had her dream dress and she too raves about Vera! I am telling you YOU NEED TO GO TO VERA!

Professional Pictures: (taken by Alba Pro)

this is the look I was going for! This is the dream picture I had in my head 

I always wanted to wear my hair down for my wedding because it is one of my best features but after this dress so much changed ! My mother “buttoning up” my dress. She also found her dress at Vera’s Bridal.

  Albanian Tradition: Your brother isn’t he so handsome ( puts on your right shoe and adds some money in the shoe (I guess that’s like our version of the sixpence in the shoe for good luck)

Now for the other details:

this is my mindil (fancy handkerchief) Albanians dance with them. My mother made it for me using her wedding dress. I love it even more than my dress!

The shoes: Aquazzura! They remind of Cinderellas glass slippers! I had to had to have them!

My flowers by the amazing Columbia Florist in the Bronx and my beautiful Rosary from my mother in law that came all the way from Montenegro!

My Makeup: Makeup by Ada!! Not only is she gorgeous but she is the sweetest person and so punctual.

This rounds out my look and how I found my dress. NEVER SETTLE that is the number 1 thing I recommenced to every bride and LISTEN TO YOUR GUT not what other people are telling you.

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