wearing a maxi dress as a short dress while I explore Boston. . .

Dear Love Bugs,
As I stated in my last blog, I spent the weekend in Boston. I took a bunch of pictures because I had my fiance who has now become my photographer. I am adding some pics of the places I was allowed to take pictures. My favorite one I saw I was not allowed to take pictures Paul Reveres house but it was pretty cool. Funny thing to note Tony who is a contractor was more intrigued by the way they houses were built than who lived in them. So, although he can careless for history he also enjoyed the Freedom Trail. Here are the pictures:
 Each unmarked dog tag honors a fallen American (Afghanistan Iraq- Isis)

 This was cool. If you went to left they told the story of the Poem One if by Land Two if by Sea and if you went to the right it told you the real story of that night. The church was so old it was around before UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was!
They set this up like back in the day. I tried the chocolate and it was a RICH. 

 An absolutely stunning Catholic Church. The art work was so intricate. 
 We went to I believe the 2nd oldest cemetery in Boston. Some of the graves were so old the words disappeaared. Something else I found different is they would say things like “Here lies Sara Beth Smith age 20 and 6 months” I do not think we even put ages anymore just dates. The one I was caught reading had like 10 names on it.
 Statue of Paul Revere
 Now all my Outfit pics hahah

dress is actually a maxi: forever21 || purse: vintage || jacket: easy pinks with my touch || shoes: wild diva

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