Take Back Thursday . . .Oia, Santorini

Dear Love Bugs, 
I promised to share more pics of my trip to Greece and like I said before better late than never. Here are a few pictures of one of my most favorite nights in Greece. Visiting the most beautiful place on Earth to me Oia. I am convinced this is what Heaven will look like. There are not a lot of sceanry pics I am not sure if I mentioned it in my last post. I made the dumb mistake to just take a point and shoot and not my DSLR and the pictures just were not doing it justice. Actually no I do not even think my DSLR would of been any different because THE PLACE IS JUST THAT GORGEOUS. 
 The beauty of Oia!! Btw it really is like everything you see on Pinterest.

Snapping pics of me in one of my favorite dresses!

 We had dinner at the most amazing place this night it is called the Andronis. I highly recommend it. The manager there was the nicest guy I ever met his name was Melvin I believe. We sat at this table that was fit for like King and Queens with the most remarkable view ever!

Walking down to the restaurant and thought this was a bad ass pic. What do you think?

 The girls and I!

 Sitting back taking it all in . . . did we really go there? Did that actually really happen? Feels like a dream.
Where is your favorite place to visit? What was one of your most magical vacations? Are there any questions you have about my trip? How I flew, where I stayed? I will answer in a separate post Let me know in the comments.

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