super huge big fat ALBANIAN WEDDING!


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Dear Love Bugs

This weekend I went to Michigan for another special reason. This time however i did a total DRIVE BY VISIT. I was there for like 24 hours or it felt like that I had no time to visit anyone except for Vicki. The wedding was PHENOMONAL like I have not seen people go that nuts in so long. I am so glad I went! I would’ve been so upset if i missed out on it. I am so happy for Niki he found such an amazing wife. I am so happy for the entire family actually you can see how truly happy they were for them. I can not explain to someone who isn’t Albanian the joy we feel when our brothers get married. It is like the happiest days of our lives . . . I hope when it comes time for my little brother to get married we can do just like they did!

To explain how it is if you have ever seen the movie my Big Fat Greek Wedding . . . um it doesn’t compare we do it way bigger!!! Its sort of like that mixed with Platinum Weddings . . .

Here are some wedding pix:

Niki & Mandy Nikprelaj


sweetheart table made for a king and a queen

his sisters

she was very excited


getting down with the singers!!
btw this singer is really awesome and she dresses so good check out her Facebook here


i love my best friend so much!

best man and grooms sister breaking it down

isn’t she stunning!

not gonna lie i was in tears at this point !

back of her dress

2012-07-21 11.07.47
a crowd shot well not really cuz the dance floor was packed all night long

2012-07-21 11.35.07
the happy couple!

2012-07-21 11.36.39
getting ready to throw the bouquet

2012-07-21 11.46.58
slow dancing look how happy they are!!!

she gets it from her mamma! hahaha

now for my outfit pics
dress (hotpoint) bag (thrift) bracelet (gift) necklace (zoya boutique)

OH and i went ombre btw this girl Cynthia I know did it and she did such an amazing job everyone should go to her! she did exactly what i asked for

hope you enjoyed your peek into my albanian world!


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