• Dressing my bump for Church!

    Dear Love Bugs, My first blog reveal of my bump and were better than to church. I have had a bump for sometime I post on Instagram but not yet here. It has been a bit difficult for me to take ...

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    Dressing my bump for Church!
  • Wedding Wednesday: How I found my dream dress!

    Dear Love bugs, I am going to start a Wedding Wednesday series. Ideas , advice, and pictures so your day can go smoothly and you can look back like I do and smile! The first part is the WEDDING ...

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    Wedding Wednesday: How I found my dream dress!
  • Our exciting news!

    Dear Love Bugs, Obviously you know what the exciting news I was talking about is now! Tony & I are expecting our first child come June 2018. We are very excited!!! Yes, I know it was quick but ...

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    Our exciting news!
  • Faux Fur Cardigan & a sale bag!

    Dear Love Bugs, I have had the busiest month in November. It came out of no where! So, I haven't been able to post much but that is all done with now I have exciting news coming up but just have to ...

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    Faux Fur Cardigan & a sale bag!
  • Monday blues and my favorite shoes!

    Dear Love Bugs, Today I am bringing you a different way to to wear my absolutely new favorite booties. We all know I have a thing for white footwear esp white boots. Some friends of mine even think ...

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    Monday blues and my favorite shoes!

girls night out in a slip dress and thigh high boots

Dear Love Bugs, I have been dying to post this look. I was going to wait for like the weekend or something but decided to go with it today. I purchased this dress 2 years ago from H&M and now slip dresses are all the rage. Over the summer I wore it with gladiator sandals and that is all. For…

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how to wear your favorite boots a different way

 Dear Love Bugs,So, have any of you ever gone away for a bit and because every airline wants to charge $7908098 for extra luggage you try and stuff your carry on with only the essentials. So, every picture you take is like same exact shoe! (American Horror Story at its worst) Any-who, this so happen to me while I was…

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casual Friday means jeans and a Zaful fringe sweater YAY

Dear Love Bugs,  Today I am bringing you the most comfy sweater I have ever owned in my life! I recently received if from Zaful. (Check out their instagram for more inspiration) You know how I already love my bell sleeve top that they sent to me well this is for those casual FriYaY days. This to me would be perfect…

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some what of a work outfit

vest: primark simliar || top and jeans: forever 21 || purse: thrift similar || shoes: liliana similar || choker: easy pickins similar where I link up

casual weekend wear with a pair of jimmy choos

Dear Love Bugs, Happy Happy Saturday. Have I told you all how much I love Saturdays? I think I told you that last week. This Saturday is uber busy I have a lot of running around to do. I wore this look last weekend in Michigan running around and probably wear a similar look. Let me tell you about this…

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stop and admire the fall foliage with a cute fall outfit

Dear Love Bugs,  I spent the weekend in Michigan with my fiance and am a little sad to be back home. One because I miss him so much and two because NY is just so hectic I never seem to be able to stop and enjoy the view or the moment because I am always rushing to go somewhere. For…

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what to wear for a chilly fall/winter date night

Dear Love Bugs, Happy Saturday!! Oh how I like most of the world love Saturdays. This weekend I am spending it in Michigan with my love. Currently sitting on the couch working on emails and blogging while sipping on some Tim Hortons coffee. Do you have Timmy’s where you live? It is seriously the best coffee ever! I promise that…

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latest trend: bell sleeves in my Zaful top

Dear Love bugs, I have to say today’s look is one of my favorites! The top is everything!!! I received the top from Zaful and loved it!! It is true to size and just everything. I love love love the bell sleeves more than anything. I felt so darn chic in this look. Tell me what do you think? Do…

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finally getting to wear sweaters!

Dear Love Bugs, It is cold here in NYC. I know I shouldn’t like it but I do tomorrow when its super cold I am gonna hate it. However today, I get to wear amazing new sweaters and not sweat to death on the train just stay warm WOOHOO. Todays pick is this gorgeous sweater from www.tobi.com. The cool thing…

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