• Our exciting news!

    Dear Love Bugs, Obviously you know what the exciting news I was talking about is now! Tony & I are expecting our first child come June 2018. We are very excited!!! Yes, I know it was quick but ...

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    Our exciting news!
  • Faux Fur Cardigan & a sale bag!

    Dear Love Bugs, I have had the busiest month in November. It came out of no where! So, I haven't been able to post much but that is all done with now I have exciting news coming up but just have to ...

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    Faux Fur Cardigan & a sale bag!
  • Monday blues and my favorite shoes!

    Dear Love Bugs, Today I am bringing you a different way to to wear my absolutely new favorite booties. We all know I have a thing for white footwear esp white boots. Some friends of mine even think ...

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    Monday blues and my favorite shoes!
  • going out tonight in my romwe denim skirt

    Dear Love bugs, Today is FRIYAY! Woohoo hope you made it through the week and killed it! Now this outfit is not like a usual look for me. This is a I am going out tonight and gonna get into some ...

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    going out tonight in my romwe denim skirt
  • wearing the it color of fall RED

    Dear Love Bugs, I hope you are having a great week. Can you believe it is already Wednesday? I guess with the excitement of Halloween the week just feels like it flew by for me. Has anyone noticed ...

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    wearing the it color of fall RED


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I got these wedges . . . from Wet seal aren’t they lovely they go with alot! . . . and today I felt like putting my rocker self aside and dressed up like a big ol gril! My belt is vintage I have been dying to wear it OMG . . . and finally i found something to put…

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Full Blooded Love all gone!

Hey darlings. . . So I am still recovering from this wonderful allergic reaction I was privileged to on Tuesday(haha NOT). . . so no pictures of shoes I am sorry just haven’t felt up to it especially since i feel like the guy from goonies sleuth i think his name was but in more tragic news MY FAVORITE watch…

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a little treat. . . .

So . . .thanx to my wonderful professor in my forcasting class we got to visit the archives of Calvin Klein . . . it was awesome . . .these are a few snap shots The below picture is of the 1966 – 1974 summer collection shot 2 This is the manaquin made special for Calvin Klein . . ….

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allergic to what?

Um . . .so if you read my other blog you would know I think Summer 2010 is out to get me. . . At first I thought it was just July ’10 was at fault but after yesterday adventure I am pretty sure it is Summer 2010 . . . Never in my life was I more pleased with…

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Silver Star.. .

Ok so I am really not made for videos . . . and I need to go on some kind of diet! well I am on one but lets hope it works soon . . . . DAMN CALROIE COUNITNG! atkins is so much easier but this time i want to do it right once and for all . ….

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Boots in the Summertime . . So WHAT!

I got a lot of flack for wearing theses from my family . . . my aunt had a heart attack saying its 100 degrees outside and you wearing these . . . My mother told me people are going to talk shit about me and say I lost my mind (o being Albanian that’s all mothers care about is…

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What was I thinking?

I got these shoes I believe 2 years ago … I wore them once for about half hour and now I know why . .. THEY KILLED ME ALLLLLLLL DAY! . .. . wrong shoes to wear while I was standing and running around at the cigar store OBVIOUSLY did not like face again! I will figure out how to…

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White Clogs

Oo these shoes are amazing . . . they are so comfortable and so very high I feel so TALL in them and being that I am 5’3” it is AWESOME! Front Shot!accessories shot ring is so wooow weeee totally trying to do a Vogue shot (yes you may laugh)My face isn’t showing because I really don’t know how to…

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