• Nursery Tour

    My Dear Love Bugs, I know I have been MIA and I don't exactly know why except to say hormones. I haven't felt up to doing anything regarding being social. I've taken these months off just to be ...

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    Nursery Tour
  • Dressing my bump for Church!

    Dear Love Bugs, My first blog reveal of my bump and were better than to church. I have had a bump for sometime I post on Instagram but not yet here. It has been a bit difficult for me to take ...

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    Dressing my bump for Church!
  • Wedding Wednesday: How I found my dream dress!

    Dear Love bugs, I am going to start a Wedding Wednesday series. Ideas , advice, and pictures so your day can go smoothly and you can look back like I do and smile! The first part is the WEDDING ...

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    Wedding Wednesday: How I found my dream dress!
  • Our exciting news!

    Dear Love Bugs, Obviously you know what the exciting news I was talking about is now! Tony & I are expecting our first child come June 2018. We are very excited!!! Yes, I know it was quick but ...

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    Our exciting news!
  • Faux Fur Cardigan & a sale bag!

    Dear Love Bugs, I have had the busiest month in November. It came out of no where! So, I haven't been able to post much but that is all done with now I have exciting news coming up but just have to ...

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    Faux Fur Cardigan & a sale bag!

cheap & comfy just the way I like it!

You guys will never believe how much i paid for these shoes and how comfortable they are!!They are just about my fave pair I own. . . So I cheated and wore them twice in one weekend they are just amazing! Sorry for the bootleg picture from my BB but I forgot my camera at home and on this night…

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I got these wedges . . . from Wet seal aren’t they lovely they go with alot! . . . and today I felt like putting my rocker self aside and dressed up like a big ol gril! My belt is vintage I have been dying to wear it OMG . . . and finally i found something to put…

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Full Blooded Love all gone!

Hey darlings. . . So I am still recovering from this wonderful allergic reaction I was privileged to on Tuesday(haha NOT). . . so no pictures of shoes I am sorry just haven’t felt up to it especially since i feel like the guy from goonies sleuth i think his name was but in more tragic news MY FAVORITE watch…

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a little treat. . . .

So . . .thanx to my wonderful professor in my forcasting class we got to visit the archives of Calvin Klein . . . it was awesome . . .these are a few snap shots The below picture is of the 1966 – 1974 summer collection shot 2 This is the manaquin made special for Calvin Klein . . ….

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allergic to what?

Um . . .so if you read my other blog you would know I think Summer 2010 is out to get me. . . At first I thought it was just July ’10 was at fault but after yesterday adventure I am pretty sure it is Summer 2010 . . . Never in my life was I more pleased with…

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Silver Star.. .

Ok so I am really not made for videos . . . and I need to go on some kind of diet! well I am on one but lets hope it works soon . . . . DAMN CALROIE COUNITNG! atkins is so much easier but this time i want to do it right once and for all . ….

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