heres my something BLUE

These shoes are from Michigan . . .they are fierce amazing wow! I had them on from 8am until 3am and I am telling you the most comfortable shoe ever!! . . . did not complain once that my feet hurt . . . Even when I stepped on a pot hole and almost sprained my ankle hahaha so embarrassing…

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If the Louboutin fits . . . fuhken live in them!

Ok since I didn’t put up a post yet of yesterdays shoes I am going to try to get you to understand exactly how I feel about shoes. . . . Here is something I wrote a little while ago Shoes – What can I say about it? SO MUCH . . . there is something about women and shoes…

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LDW part 2

Old Wedges I recall buying these after I bought the ones from a previous post because they were comfortable and these are to . . . I RUINED THEM! but they last one more summer hahaha The accessories . . . My bag is so tiny it doesnt fit anything but money my camera and my keys . . ….

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LDW part 1

I know in my tumblr i already wore these but I do not know how to dress down and be around people . .. I am way to short to wear flats . . . . people always comment like you couldnt find heels higher and actually I CAN i just wore these cuz they were comfy . . ….

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BIG CITY bright lights

These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever stepped foot in literally. . . . I wore these out last night we went to a few places but I do not have many pics. Outfit Break down:Necklace and Top: www.zoyaboutique.comSkirt:Forever21 Bag:ThriftShoes:Steve Madden places: Pop Burger and Hudson Terracereason: Bday Party for luvly Ms.Liz Rpartner in crime: Luli duhh!

90210 thank you for making me obsessed with fashion!

I didn’t take a picture of my shoes yesterday so today I am going to talk about something that was HUGE in my life . . . the first 90210 . . . It literally aired when i was 7 years old. . . I remember for some reason We got to stay up later than usual and my aunt…

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a night in greece . . .yea i wish!

I purchased these shoes many moons ago . . . they are super comfy I use to wear them with just about everything . . . until my wedge obsession hit full force lol . . . the only thing that annoys me is the straps do not really stay up they keep falling! My Belt it was one of…

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late night in the city . . .

Oo these shoes . . . Story behind them is – – I saw them i left them I thought about them for 3 weeks went back and only one left were my size . . . SO I TOOK IT AS A SIGN AND GRABBED THEM . . . that was my 5th pair this week! O I don’t…

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im Neutral like Switzerland

So, last night after working a 15 hour day with school somewhere in the middle . . . I needed a drink ! So, Luli and I went to the city met up with a dear friend of mine we will call him “Eric.” We had a very good time as always He makes me die laughing. . .! back…

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