Nazike’s Kumutroje

Let this blog begin a little bit different. . .

This past weekend one of my best friends Nazike got married. The wedding was traditional Albanian wedding (pictures to follow in a different post). Anyway, Naz’s family is from a different area than my family, so they have different traditions. Her family is a lot more traditional, I always joke how my family and I are fake Albanians. They keep a lot of the old school thing we have long forgotten. It was however, nice to be involved in this. Especially since you only invite close women in your family. I LOVE YOU NAZIKE! (I know you’re reading this)

Here is a peek:
These pictures are of Nazike’s Bedroom they showed all her LOUBS and stuff she will wear when she is a NUSE (the first year your married you are refereed to as a Nuse which is a bride).

rosie picture 047
Do you see all those Loubs? Naz pays Christians rent, I am sure of this.

rosie picture 046
The stuff ^ is for her bedding and bath.

rosie picture 050
These^ are called Ganiturra or Ojme (spelling) They are handmade and we are suppose to put them around our house for decor but no one really does that anymore. We just make them because its tradition. Back in the day the girls use to make these while they were engaged, as gifts for her future house.

rosie picture 045
Her beautiful mother made this bedding. The pillow looking thing actually holds the grooms “gift.” I have never seen it displayed so beautifully.

rosie picture 058
This is what the gift is . . . For some reason we always give towels and a button down. Perhaps, back in the day we didn’t have towels and they were a luxury lol but we always give them!

rosie picture 054
We all know what this is! It is nice to be Naz hahaha

rosie picture 043
This is the beautiful Nazike wearing Valentino heels. At this point she walks around her house and shows all the ladies the dresses she will wear. It is like an Albanian Fashion show. Hahaha

rosie picture 066
No, this is not her wedding dress. This is one of the many dresses I spoke about. This dress however was hand made by her future mother in law. She sewed each bead on that dress by herself. Leave it to Naz to have something couture. You can not see it in this picture but it really is wow!

rosie picture 081
at the end of the “fashion show” she put on traditional clothing called the Dimije this is when they started dancing the Valle (traditional circle dance).

rosie picture 083

now time for what I wore:
This was taken from a blackberry btw and yes I wore the gray shoes again.
They are so comfortable. I had no choice but to wear them hahah
Outfit Breakdown:
Dress & Ring: Forever21
Shoes: already posted about them

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