From one shower to the next . . .this is my life

From one shower to the next . . . hello Life is Just Rosie!!! . . .

Dear Love Bugs,

So I have been missing I KNOW! What can I say besides I am so busy working my butt off and ending school . . . CAN YOU BELIEVE IT in a week and a half I WILL BE A COLLEGE GRAD!! Life will get back to normal however, I do not  know what normal is anymore! We shall see if I like hopefully I can focusing a lot more on blogging .. . I WOULD LIKE THAT! Now about the title:

It was Noelle’s Shower. . . She looked amazing as always! She is actually marrying my cousin Louie in August. Its good when family marries someone you actually like she is already like one of the family.

I looked like a  big HOUSE! I swear to you my boobs just keep getting bigger and bigger I just wanna chopp them off Im 29 years old dont you think they should stop growing by now? Well maybe if I would sew my mouth shut and not eat anymore they would stop growing and so would I! hahaha Oh and btw MY FLIPPING SHOE BROKE! They broke when I was getting out of my car TALK ABOUT DRAMA however with some crazy glue and light walking I managed to get throught the shower with both shoes on. . .

my fave picture her great aunt as a bride!
Check out our sexy brides!! woohoo
This is the only picture I managed to take with her
What I wore:
dress (forever21), belt (joyce leslie), necklace (old)
SHOES (charlotte russe)
btw do you just love the toilet paper from the game all over my feet? hahahaha

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