Boots in the Summertime . . So WHAT!

I got a lot of flack for wearing theses from my family . . . my aunt had a heart attack saying its 100 degrees outside and you wearing these . . . My mother told me people are going to talk shit about me and say I lost my mind (o being Albanian that’s all mothers care about is who talks shit about their daughter because than she can’t find a husband the only happiness to life SURE!) So, after informing them that I am not sweating and If they do talk about me being crazy it wont be the first time 🙂 I got to wear them . . . I paired them with the below outfit.

The shorts are to big for me because I have this odd obsession of wearing bottoms way to big I suppose so I can pretend I’m losing weight HAHAHAHA O and another thing the red thing on my hand is the Jewish Letter or word for LIFE . . . being catholic its sort of stupid for me to wear it but JESUS was JEWISH so I feel I am allowed to rock it . . . I just love anything that means LIFE, HOPE, LOVE, HAPPINESS ALL THOSE THINGS

Lets break it down :
Tank: Forever21
Top: Some boutique in SoHo
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Wet Seal
BAD ASS RING & Jewish Bracelet: SoHo vendors again


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