Choker sweater from rosegal and a gucci bag

Dear Love bugs,

I hope you are having a great week eve though it is only Tuesday lol Today’s look is all about this adorable top from Roegal. First let me let you know it is probably one of the most comfortable tops I own! . . . I am obsessed with it. I have worn it a few diff ways on being with a dress. Maybe Ill show you some pics of that on instagram. (if you don’t follow me you should @lifeisjustrosie). It has the best choker already attached to the sweater so I didn’t even have to think about what necklace to wear. I love it!

sweater c/o: rosegal || leggings: h&m || boots: old || bag: gucci (old and borrowed from my sister haha) || jacket: just fab ||

wearing suede in the snow . . . oh dear!

Dear Love Bugs,

So the day after I was snowed in we were going mad being in side so we decided to go for brunch with my darling cousin Luli. I was determined to wear a cute outfit regardless of the fact I was wearing suede in snow and salt. DUMB ROSIE! Anywho we all know my obsession with OTK boots. Geez I have loved them for as long as I can remember when they were hard to come by I am truly happy they are so easy now. Let me shut up and get to the look all SUPER AFFORDABLE you know how I do!

choker similar & glasses similar: easy pickins || necklaces, cardigan and jeans: forever 21 || tank: h&m || boots similar & jacket similar: charlotte russe || purse: thrift ||

 Like please who cares about my boots I have pictures to take

ehh who cares time for MIMOSAS!

what to wear in the snow

Dear Love Bugs,

I hope you have had a great start to the New Year. It snowed so much this past weekend here in New York and apparently everywhere else. We had plans on going out for my future fiances future best mans birthday but that got canceled. Being snowed in though with Tony was fun . . . if you follow me on snapchat or instagram (totally think you should @lifeisjustrosie) you would of have seen some of the shennigans. We ate dinner at a crab place it was SOOOOOOO yumm! I am such a seafood girl. It was close to where we were staying which was awesome means we didn’t have to go far. We also watched like ever lifetime movie they had on that day. Lifetime is so perfect for snowed in days hahaha. So, tell me about your weekend what did you do? Where you snowed in like us?

 vest: old similar || jacket: h&m similar || jeans: macys similar || hat: forever21 || top: primark || boots: necessary clothing similar || glasses: easy pickins similar

my first post of 2017 and a rosegal review!


Dear Love bugs, 
HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I have been so busy with the all the holiday stuff. I thought after Christmas it would die down IT DID NOT! However, everything is back to normal. Are you all excited for the new year? This year my life will literally change! I will be getting married, moving, I WILL BE SOMEONES WIFE! I also can not believe I will be leaving New York for an even colder state! I hope the next year is magical for you, for me, for everyone! The top I am wearing is so so awesome and so comfortable. I am obsessed with sweaters with different kinds of sleeves this one is exactly that! It looked good if you lifted the sleeves a bit or wore them longer. I have already worn it 3 times!!
 coat: h&m || sweater c/o: rosegal || boots: charlotte russe || tank: primark || purse: thrift

what I wore on Christmas Day!

Dear Love Bugs,

I know I have been MIA. I am sorry about that but Christmas prep just had me all crazy! I promise you I have so much in store for you coming soon. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. I hope you are also enjoying all the holiday festivities . . . NEW YEAR IS COMING UP . . . can you flipping believe that? Do any of you have an reseloutions for the new year? If you do what are they let me know in the comments. I have to think of some and haven’t yet so maybe I will steal yours hahah jk well maybe. . . Next year will be a busy year for me I AM GETTING MARRIED!! OK enough chit chat here are the details!

 top: shein || pants: hm || shoes: qupid similar || necklace: rainbow shops similar || other necklace: gift || purse: vintage || coat (see picture below): forever 21 similar 

How I dressed up a casual winter look

Dear Love Bugs,

So, I sorta went MIA. It was not because I wanted, trust me It as due to work related things. You know my other job. Well everything should be back to normal now. Today I wanted to come back with something ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! The necklace I am wearing it is from the sweetest boutique ever called Happiness Boutique. Please take a minute and check out their website or their instagram . . . I promise you it will make you feel good. They are all about spreading happiness and let us be honest lately I feel the world needs a little more happiness. When my package came in I swear I was jumping up and down. If you follow me on snap or instagram (which you totally should), you would’ve seen. I flipping love! Honestly there are so many ways to wear this. Today I wanted to add a little glam to my casual wear. Over the weekend I plan on wearing it with a little black dress to a holiday party. Maybe I will do some pictures for you to see! Any who please tell me what you think. . . and please check out their site! They rock!

 sunnies: street vender || necklace c/o: happiness boutique || cardigan, turtleneck, bag (similar) and jeans: forever 21 || boots: vintage (similar if your a size 7)

it’s just breathtaking!

woman crush wednesday: suzanna’s spa suite

Dear Love Bugs,

Today I bring you something very new, a new series that I hope becomes a staple on my blog. So many times I hear women basically talking shit to other woman and not supporting them. Especially woman who are brave enough to open up their own business and make a name for themselves. Who take on the struggle of becoming an entrepreneur to do what makes them happy. I am so impressed how many woman I know that deserve some recognition not only because they are just entrepenures but they do this with integrity and ARE BAD ASS! Trust me on something take it from personal experience owning your own business is TOUGH WORK. It takes all of your time and if you are not happy about it it will show to your customers/clients. It takes long grueling hours of working past closing time, sleepless nights, early morning wake up calls, missing out on some things, and just plain old nit and grit! So with all this being said I bring to you my WOMEN CRUSH WEDNESDAY! My very first one belongs to my dear darling friend Suzanna Gojcaj. I picked her because 1. She is my friend and I am damn proud of her 2. She owns a fabulous spa that I who hates spas because the inability to stay in one place for too long (I am an Aquarius we do not relax) love her spa.

I am going to start by showing HOW FLIPPING cute her spa is. Doesn’t it make you feel like you just left New York and entered some special magical place. From personal experience I am doing laser. Check out this video on instagram we made while I was getting my laser done. Let me tell you laser is probably the best investment you can make. You will never have to worry about shaving, WHICH IS SOOOOOOOOOO ANNOYING and it is less painful than waxing.

 BEST NEW SPA!  Because like I said SHE is A BAD ASS!

 she also has a little section of these delish smelling candles and face things . . . that I am just learning about thanks to her
 This legit looks like your getting work done on a cloud 

she is also a supporter of her fellow #girlboss books by Magarite Camaj
this is where all the magic happens for me! The laser room. Oh how I just love it. You know I gotta be all hair free for that honeymoon and all those pretty bikinis hopefully chilling on the beaches of the Maldives. 
Now for the questions:
Suzanna Gojcaj
Suzanna’s Spa Suite
Why did you start your business: 
I have always been into skin since I was a teenager. I decided to make a career out of it and prior to opening my business I spent several years working in local spas. I felt the services were rushed and no one cared about the customer. I wanted people to feel like they’re in my home. Your experience at our spa is as valuable as your results. My ultimate goal is to provide an environment for my clients that is as comfortable as possible. I do not want them to feel like they’re walking into a doctor’s office. 
Did you go to school for this:
I completed her studies at The New York School of Esthetics and bring years of skin care knowledge and service to her spa. 
What do you offer:
Suzanna’s Spa Suite combines a luxurious and relaxing experience with professional advice and service for all of your skin care needs. We treat women, men, and teens of all skin types using advanced laser hair removal technology and gentle but aggressive peel treatments. Our experience and expertise in Esthetics is revealed through our client’s results. For more information visit her website, facebook, or instagram.
What do you think of woman entrepreneurs:
I think its great when anyone follows their passion. 

Any other questions please feel free to ask in the comments!

Here is the beauty:

OTK boots and lots of taupe

Dear Love Bugs,

This weekend I did not do much except put up my tree and go visit one of my darling friends at her spa. She will be featured in a later post but for now check out her holiday specials on her instagram account Suzanna’s Spa Suite. I can not wait to share because she really is the BOMB! Any who here is a way you can wear one of my favorite things in my closet this season. My Lace up sweater from I have also worn it like this.

sweater c/o: tobi || jeans: h&m || boots: charlotte russe simliar || necklace: vajze || choker: rainbow similar || rings: various || coat: thrift
my otk obsession is on another level 
Hold up let me answer this email real quick hahah
stay tuned to hear all about my fave spa ever!

first holiday look: edgy

Dear Love Bugs,

Happy December 1st! Can you believe that the last chapter in the book 2016. I know this time of year everyone is going to company parties, friends parties, all kinds of holiday parties. Today’s outfit is inspired by the fact tomorrow is my company party. I work in a very relaxed company and we can basically wear what we want to the party but we like to dress up a little. Here is something I would totally wear. It’s great because the maxi dress hides the few lbs I gained during thanksgiving weekend. WHICH I WILL BE GETTING RID OF ASAP! Wedding Diet after all.. . any who I am not sure if this is what I will be wearing but this is an idea I have. . .  BTW please excuse me trying to be cute with this face lmao . . . oh and another BTW I got a new camera lens and the next set of pics you see will be with that I CAN NOT WAIT simply CAN NOT! So stay tuned for hopefully better quality pics! Once I mess around with it I will let you know if it is worth it or not. Back to the outfit:

dress: h&m || shoes: charlotte russe similar || jacket: forever 21 similar || purse: thrift similar || chokers: easy pickins similar

me and my blanket scarf

Dear Love Bugs, 
I just had to take some time off this week, clearly due to Thanksgiving. My family hosted about 20/25 people for Thanksgiving and we had a lot to do. Plus, Tony my fiance was in town and we jsut got busy with holidays and stuff. Here is one of my new favorite scarf and boots. The scarf I received from Jewelry Bean and it is perfection. It is also huge so I will be wearing it A LOT! They were so nice that they are giving all my love bugs 20% off! Just go to the website use the code Rosie20. Here is the first way I wore it:

glasses and bag: forever21 || dress: old || shoes: charlotte russe || scarf : ilymix || watch c/o: jord

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