where have I been? and a new OOTD!

Dear love bugs,

I am now a married woman! I am someones wife I still feel weird calling Tony my husband and every time I will say it in this blog post I will secretly giggle. I will have many wedding post to come because if I can do it with almost 500 people you can do it too! So, where have I been? Last year I started to work really really hard on my blog and was pretty consistent with it. I set up some goals and met them. However, I had no idea that planning a wedding as big as mine and being a nanny would take up so much of my life. The thing is I use to be able to do my blogging from work, I was a nanny. While the little angel slept I would work on the blog. The thing about that is babies grow up and they do not need as much sleep. A month before my wedding we got a house! Remember now I was moving to Michigan where my husband lived. So now I not only had a full time and a huge wedding to plan . . . . I ALSO HAD TO GET A HOME READY! Just so you know I am not complaining because these are all amazing things!. . . I loved my job so much I wanted to be fully there for the princess (GOD I LOVE HER SO MUCH), wedding planning was super stressful but in the end was worth it because it was spectacular, and getting a house hellooo that is amazing!! I just wanted to explain why I disappeared!

Other news is I am not a full time blogger. Luckily for me my husband fully supports my dream and my passion. Now lets get on with the cute OOTD because I am sure that is why you really are here! Who would think that it’s almost Oct 1st and I could wear an outfit like this!? I have to tell you about my favorite denim jacket! I have about 6 denim jackets and this one is my absolute favorite and the lovely people at Romwe sent it to me to try and I have literally worn it every chance I could get.


 jacket c/o: romwe || dress: forever21 similar || shoes: qupid similar here || bag: louis vuitton
just thinking. . . . up new ideas for the blog!



It’s been too long. . . but here is an OOTD!

Dear Love Bugs,
I know I know I have been gone for a super long time. I am sorry but these wedding plans have me all over the price. I promise after the wedding to be back full for force I do however have a few new post headed your way really soon. I had to stop by today just to tell you all about this AMAZING TOP! It is from Shein (a super affordable super cute clothing company). I paired this dope top with itty bitty shorts and some amazing RED HIGH HEELS! This was one of my 4th of July looks as of recent. Pretty sure you can wear it all summer long and in the fall pair it with pants!
earrings: rainbow || top c/o: shein || shorts: forever21 || shoes: charlotte russe


Finally warm weather! And what I wore


Dear Love Bugs,

Ok OK I know I have taken time off . . . however I promise this time I will be back in full force starting next week! Wedding stuff has consumed me. Now for this look I like most girls am obsessed with satin lately. I mean I kinda have always been. I picked it to wear for my engagement dinner. It just seems so sexy and elegant to me. I bought this top and needed to wear it so I decided to put it with my fave plaid top and jeans and rosegold heels. It just worked out! Perfect for a brunch in Michigan with my love and close friend.


top similar & purse similar: rainbow || jeans: h&m || shoes similar: lulus || choker: DIY || glasses: street vendor similar

floral for spring how ground breaking

Dear Love Bugs,

Hope you all had a great weekend. I certainly did I got a lot of things CHECKED OFF the wedding to do list. Which let me tell you feels AMAZING! I am still super nervous how it will all turn out and if my ideas are a little to extra but with the help of family, friends and most important GOD it is all coming together. I know it is only one day of my life trust me I am not that crazy but it is one of the important days! I can’t believe there are 130 days left. . . and my whole life changes. Ok enough with that I wore this dress on Easter/ Emma’s 3rd Bday (Emma is my beautiful niece pictured above) ISN’T SHE THE CUTEST!!! I figured I could show you guys the look because its so simple yet perfect for a spring event.

dress: Rainbow similar || shoes: qupid similar || glasses: old similar || ring: h&m || watch: swatch

what to wear during the in between

 Dear Love Bugs,

April was a crazy month for weather. One day it was 80 degrees the next 39 and some days in between for those in between days. You still wanna wear your cute sandals but you also don’t want to totally freeze so you compromise and you wear sweater up top and sandals down low hahaha. We also all can safely say I an extreme lover of PINK am very happy to find all these great pink things! I know I must disgust some of you with all my girly girl looks BUT I AM A GIRLY GIRLY! Always have been. . . I mean I am a girly girl who can build you a house but non the less a girly girl hahah.

  || sweater & glasses: forever 21 || choker: easy pickins similar || jeans: h&m || shoes: qupid similar ||


What I wore to a Baptism party

Dear Love Bugs,
How have you been? I have been busy little future bride, less than 5 months now AHHH can not believe it. So, yesterday Tony and I went to a Baptism party for my cousins baby boy. It was so fun! Let me tell you about this little fella. . . if you follow me on instagram (you totally should @lifeisjustrosie) you were able to catch a few videos of it. So anywho my little cousin slept through alllll the commotion of us dancing and woohooing he was a real champ! Ok let me get to the real reason you are here my dress! lol


|| dress: forever 21 || shoes: lulus or chunky heel version || purse: vintage similar ||


Tony always makes me laugh during the picture taking lol



dark picture but me and my love

Monday Black and Blues Outfit of the Day


Dear Love bugs,

I hope you had a fabulous Easter weekend. I certainly did! Today I bring you this black and blue outfit I wore with my DIY Pom Pom heels. It was the fastest, easiest DIY I have ever done. I will try to explain. I took a 2 key chain pom poms that were each $1.99 and bobby pins. I removed the metal pieces from the key chains and put the bobby pins through the elastic. Maybe I will do a quick video for you guys soon? What do you think? I am actually pretty great at DIYs of all kinds. They kind of sooth my mind and calm my ADHD brain. I know I am so weird I just go into another world and enjoy it. My DIY loves are not limited to this simple one but I can do it for decor and wedding stuff and for CHEAP! Should I add more DIYs to the blog? Let me know in the comments ! Thank you in advance LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!

|| jacket similar & sweater(old): forever21|| jeans: macy’s similar || bag: primark simialr || choker: old simliar ||



Going out tonight in my Red high heels!

Dear Love bugs,

So I am totally feeling 80s in this look and I LOVE IT! I bought these jeans and I was like WELL I HAVE THE PERFECT SHOES FOR THEM . . because naturally I have the perfect shoes for every occasion because I am a shoe hoarder like most woman hahah I just love pops of red especially in shoes. I think its like Hey there look how pretty my shoes are hahah. The shoes remind me of this vintage pair is use to own a while ago but they are totally new.

 jacket & top: forever 21 || jeans: may max || heels: somewhere ||
 I just wanted to take a picture with the fire hydrant
heels and grass NOT A GOOD IDEA I almost fell over here hahah

me and my comfy pink sweater another wednesday another pink look

Dear love bugs,

Sometimes you just throw on a big comfy sweater with some booties and call it a nice day! This is exactly what I did with this look. I was meeting wit my cousin for lunch and just came from the gym (hence the hair up) and threw on this adorable pink sweater and some booties and THERE YOU GO! Lately, with all the wedding planning and running around trying to get skinny for the wedding I barely have time to enjoy getting dressed. I have worn this sweater though many many times and it always makes me feel girly and the booties always make me feel like a bad ass! So Bad ass girl? hahah ok enough here are the details.

|| choker: forever21 similar || jeans: h&m (my faves and for super cheap) || boots: Old similar || purse: forever 21 similar || glasses: street vendor similar||

How to make it look like you tried when you really didn’t

Dear Love Bugs,

I took a week or two off because well WEDDING PLANNING! I wear this sweater when I want to sort of dress up a causal look. Like it is comfy and casual but looks cool enough to be like Oh she did try somewhat while getting dressed today haha. How have you all been? I hope great! Spring is near so so close.


 || sweater: no idea it’s old || jeans: h&m || boots: vintage similar || bag: forever21 similar ||
Giving a thank you to God for all he has done!

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