allergic to what?

Um . . .so if you read my other blog you would know I think Summer 2010 is out to get me. . . At first I thought it was just July ’10 was at fault but after yesterday adventure I am pretty sure it is Summer 2010 . . . Never in my life was I more pleased with summer to come to an end. . . so here is the reason why I am super excited to get rid of this summer – – – (> while I was at work I had an allergic reaction to lord knows what . . . My eyes blew up my throat closed and silly me just thought it was allergies. . . the salon next door to my boutique called the ambulance and even they were like WOW! so. . . please forgive me for not adding a post . . . its been an insane summer . . . just trying to survive it . . . IF I MAKE IT IM PARTYING ALL OF FALL!

Silver Star.. .

Ok so I am really not made for videos . . . and I need to go on some kind of diet! well I am on one but lets hope it works soon . . . . DAMN CALROIE COUNITNG! atkins is so much easier but this time i want to do it right once and for all . . . UGH im short you would think God would understand and make me one of those thin people who eats whatever they want . . . I am just saying it would be nice like ok your short but you can be skinny forever!! ok whatever enjoy this hopefully itll be the last one lol

Boots in the Summertime . . So WHAT!

I got a lot of flack for wearing theses from my family . . . my aunt had a heart attack saying its 100 degrees outside and you wearing these . . . My mother told me people are going to talk shit about me and say I lost my mind (o being Albanian that’s all mothers care about is who talks shit about their daughter because than she can’t find a husband the only happiness to life SURE!) So, after informing them that I am not sweating and If they do talk about me being crazy it wont be the first time 🙂 I got to wear them . . . I paired them with the below outfit.

The shorts are to big for me because I have this odd obsession of wearing bottoms way to big I suppose so I can pretend I’m losing weight HAHAHAHA O and another thing the red thing on my hand is the Jewish Letter or word for LIFE . . . being catholic its sort of stupid for me to wear it but JESUS was JEWISH so I feel I am allowed to rock it . . . I just love anything that means LIFE, HOPE, LOVE, HAPPINESS ALL THOSE THINGS

Lets break it down :
Tank: Forever21
Top: Some boutique in SoHo
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Wet Seal
BAD ASS RING & Jewish Bracelet: SoHo vendors again


What was I thinking?

I got these shoes I believe 2 years ago … I wore them once for about half hour and now I know why . .. THEY KILLED ME ALLLLLLLL DAY! . .. . wrong shoes to wear while I was standing and running around at the cigar store

OBVIOUSLY did not like face again! I will figure out how to make normal faces and look like a normal human being on of these days hahahahaha

ooo this was my necklace its like statment but chill at the same time . . . O but what I didnt realize is it made like an arrow thing straight to my boobs . . . one of the guys at the cigar store was happy to inform me on such ! errrr talk about not wanting to bring attention to these monsters!

Lets Break It down for ya:
Top: Zoya boutique
Shorts: Vince
Shoes: Hmm I think forever21
Necklace: Zoay boutique

ok lovies until tomorrow mwa

White Clogs

Oo these shoes are amazing . . . they are so comfortable and so very high I feel so TALL in them and being that I am 5’3” it is AWESOME!

Front Shot!
accessories shot ring is so wooow weeee totally trying to do a Vogue shot (yes you may laugh)
My face isn’t showing because I really don’t know how to pose like everyone else does on here lol NOT A MODEL but damn good dresser!

Break Down time :
Vest: Marc Jacobs
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Random Store in Fordham
Ring: one of those stands on the streets of SoHo LUV IT!
Bracelets: Mix of just about so much!

PS as I finish typing this RZP 3 is on . . . I DIE FOR THIS SHOW . . . I feel like I get so creative after I watch this . . . THANX MRS RACHEL ZOE!

PPS of course some food shots MY DIET WENT TO HELL AGAIN!!!! if I was doing a low carb this would rock but im not!
hmmm habachi at nodas! I had dinner with one of my most darling friends Kristina I just ADORE HER!

I do say I am Sorry

Hahah please excuse the fact i flipped my cousin off for taking a picture while i was stuffing my face but we went to this place called the AVENUE and since I don’t have pictures of me in my outfit all weekend Ill add these up . . . this was dinner kabob sandwich omg soo good!

This is dessert OMG heaven on earth! i promised my diet would start the very next day and for two days I’ve been good!!

and this is God . . . He joined us that day lol it was Sunday after all

lets try this again ok . . .

A Few months ago I started this little project . . . It was to see if I can wear all 150+ shoes everyday a diff shoe. . . . Um I have totally kept up with it however i always forget to take pictures so STARTING TODAY I am going to do it. I always feel like a tool when i need to take pictures . . . like who do I ask? I work 2 jobs so I am always running around and what do I do o hey btw can you snap a picture of me? Some of these girls are so amazing with their pictures I never know what to do with my face or my body or anything ERRR . . . o plus today I started my diet . . . what exactly is the diet I do not know . . . but I have started some kind of healthy living . . .MINUS COFFEE cuz HELLOOO I am from NEW YORK we have coffee instead of blood in our veins . . . So have fun on this little journey of mine again!

O and another thing . . . I WILL BE ADDING OTHER STUFF HERE because its MY blog I do what I so feel with it :0) Like the gym i belong to and never go to THIS IS A JUDGMENT FREE ZONE WELCOME TO JUST RROOSH AND HER SHOES . . .


au naturale

After a little bit of shopping in my fave place on earth SOHO. . . My cousin Luli and I stopped into a resturant HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE

This was lunch . . . it was amazing . .. if your ever by spring street please stop in and try it . . . even the bread before this was amazing . . . DIET WENT OUT THE WINDOW THAT DAY . . . Spring Street Natural Resturant

This was desert YUM !!

Back Stage at one of my November Shoots!

One of the many looks for Sofia’s Press shoots

adding some pearls to the lovely Sofia (Kristy from PLUSH salon is in the back fixing her hair)
Make up (done by the wonderful Victor Henao) and Accessories station
P.S. don’t you just love the wine? lol

Rack of Clothes provided by Wanderlust Vintage and Zoya boutique

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