Our exciting news!

Dear Love Bugs,

Obviously you know what the exciting news I was talking about is now! Tony & I are expecting our first child come June 2018. We are very excited!!! Yes, I know it was quick but to be honest we didn’t think we would get pregnant on the first shot and here we go. We thought it would take months and months maybe even a year or two from what I have heard. We started trying ASAP because of this I am older so I was scared to wait anymore. Luckily by the grace of God everything is happening when it is suppose to. I fully put my faith in him as many people do and just was like if it happens it happens.

Now to get a little real. I think most women go through life fearing they can’t have kids. I was so scared that would be me. I mean my family is a bunch of fertile humans and they love to procreate but I just had this fear I would be the exception. I swear I even asked Tony if he would adopt with me if I couldn’t have kids. The relief I felt when I peed on that stick and it said Pregnant was unreal. It was a little like shit is this real? I took 3 test to prove it. This made me think of all the mammas out there who are having trouble having babies and I think since I got pregnant I have been praying for everyone every night.

How have I been feeling?

As for morning sickness or all day and nigh sickness as I call it. It goes like this if I do not eat often I get super sick. So, I have had to grab whatever I could find but I def haven’t made the best choices. I DIE FOR BURGERS! I could eat them from breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also another thing I have noticed is if I eat food out like not made at home I got super sick. I would have to make food home but anyone who has been pregnant knows the first trimester all you want to do is NAP!

Speaking of napping – I have never in my 34 years on this planet napped maybe once or twice but I promise that is it. I have too much energy to begin with to nap plus I have legit case of FOMO I don’t like to miss anything hahaha HOWEVER this allllllllllllll changed. One day for instance I was cleaning our house and said oh let me just lay down for a min – 5 hours later I got up. 5 HOUR NAP! Can you believe that!! Oh and you think that ruined my sleep for the night IT DID NOT – I knocked right out! The exhaustion is real!! I think it’s preparing your body for the lack of sleep when your baby comes hahaha I also wonder how do mammas who work somewhere they can’t just nap anytime deal with it. I legit feel so bad.

How I told Tony?

I bought this book from HomeGoods that said I love you Daddy. I put that along with all the pregnancy test (remember I took 3) in a bag. Don’t worry I wrapped them up in cling wrap cuz that is just gross hahaha. I gave it to him and he read it and was like ARE YOU SERIOUS? I said keep looking he sees the test jumps up and his expression will forever be my favorite expression even better than when he saw me on our wedding day WHICH WAS PRETTY DAMN AWESOME!

Now the doctor already knows what the baby is and I have a chance to find out anytime I want. I may just find out and keep it a secret until I am ready to tell the world. I do want to find out and I have some feelings but we shall see!

ok love bugs IF YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE for a new mamma to be heading into her 2nd trimester let me know in the comments below!

PS. I ordered this Ornament from Etsy. Her link is here.

Faux Fur Cardigan & a sale bag!

Dear Love Bugs,

I have had the busiest month in November. It came out of no where! So, I haven’t been able to post much but that is all done with now I have exciting news coming up but just have to wait a bit. The cardigan I am wearing in this post is from one of my favorite websites Tobi. I got it last year and I have worn it so many ways. I love it because you can wear it causal like I am here or dress it up like I did here.  They still have it! Which means you need to run to get it ASAP! It is the softest material I just love wearing it the fur is removable so if you do not want to be as extra as I am you can just rock the long black cardigan. Also guys this bag is now on SALE for $15 (I am not getting paid for it I purchased it full price but I thought you should know!) I hope you all have a fabulous end of the week! Friyay is almost here! Do you have any great plans for the weekend? Let me know in the comment section 🙂

cardigan c/0: tobi || tank: primark similar here || jeggings: h&m || boots: old ||bag: justfab





Monday blues and my favorite shoes!

Dear Love Bugs,

Today I am bringing you a different way to to wear my absolutely new favorite booties. We all know I have a thing for white footwear esp white boots. Some friends of mine even think of me as soon as they see a pair. I can’t explain to you enough how comfortable these are you must RUN TO GET THEM! The sweater is so cute a steal from Marshall’s oddly enough if I am not looking for Rae Dunn I usually do not shop Marshalls but that is changing because LOOK AT THIS SWEATER! I have been missing out! Ok I hope you love bugs have a fabulous week! LET’S GET IT!

|| sweater: marshalls || jeans: h&m || shoes: go jane || bag: thrift ||


close up of the booties

BTW no one is paying me to rave about these booties I just love them that much!


going out tonight in my romwe denim skirt

Dear Love bugs,

Today is FRIYAY! Woohoo hope you made it through the week and killed it! Now this outfit is not like a usual look for me. This is a I am going out tonight and gonna get into some trouble. Just kidding I am too old to get into trouble. I did pick up this super cute skirt at Romwe back in the spring and decided to take it back out. Yes I will probably freeze in this skirt but lets be honest WHO CARES as long as it looks good right? As for these adorable booties I picked up from GoJane I am also doing an upcoming post on how to wear them casually. They have become my faves. Here are the details:

jacket: old similar || watch: jord || top: forever 21 || skirt: romwe || shoes: gojane

wearing the it color of fall RED

Dear Love Bugs,

I hope you are having a great week. Can you believe it is already Wednesday? I guess with the excitement of Halloween the week just feels like it flew by for me. Has anyone noticed how prominent the color RED is this fall/winter? I started buying red items in the summer and normally red is not one of my go to colors because its def a LOOK AT ME color and despite the fact I am a blogger and love clothes I don’t like attention too much. I KNOW SHOCKER hahaha but I don’t. However I have found some understated red I can wear . . . WELL SORT OF UNDERSTATED because let’s face it these boots are BOMB! Everyone who saw me in them LOVED THEM. I can’t blame them they have that whole slouchy 80s look that is super in with boots this year. WHICH I LOVE CUZ YA GIRL LOVES ANYTHING 80s! Ok Let me shut up let’s get to the outfit!…

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The best registry for brides to be!

Dear Love bugs,

Today I am bringing you a little something different to you but trust me you will love it! I wanted to discuss this amazing website, Zola! If you guys don’t know what it is it is an online registry for newlyweds. Now when I was getting married I did the typical thing every bride does and I went to the typical stores. Do not get me wrong I did enjoy it all however if I only knew about Zola!! …

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Still doesn’t feel like fall outfit

Dear Love Bugs,

The weather here in Michigan is really crazy! It is the middle of October and it is 80 degrees in the morning/afternoon and 60 degrees at night. So, if you have somewhere to go it is really hard to decide what to wear. For instance Sunday Tony & I went to WWE Hell in the Cell first of all I had 0 clue what one even wears to a WWE event. I even tried to pinterest ideas but that was a no go! Now to say this was the best idea probably not but it was comfy and still a little sassy. I did not have a wrestling shirt and I couldn’t order one that would come in time. So Here it is what I wore to WWE:

Top: forever 21 simliar ||jeans: forever 21 || shoes: old simliar || purse: Chanel ||


OK love bugs I hope you enjoy your day! I will see you again on Friday!


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