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so this was where it started

Dear Love bugs. . . 
So I am back home!! Yay!!! I spent two weeks in Montenegro and barely took any pictures from my real camera except for the mountains. It was so freaking hot out you couldn’t look good if your tried.  The trip was as I expected it though . . . to be honest it wasnt exactly the best trip I ever have been on 🙁 The thing I loved the most was visiting with my Tezja (aunt in Albanian) and my cousins. Who I miss so very much!! First of all we did so much visiting I felt like I spent most my vacay in a car. The best place in Montenegro is BUDVA though it was pure heaven.  Here are some instaphotos Ill share more with you on another post. 
This is in Albania 1. Kisha Lacit 2. Shengjin Beach

Around my Aunts House 1. Chickens just chilling 2. Grapes

Out and about 1. Guci, Montenegro 2. Lunch at this place between Guci and Podgorica

Night time 1. with my cousins in Podgorica 2. Outdoor party in Middle of Field that started at 1am

Beach Towns 1. Budva (best place ever) 2. Ulqin at Night

My beautiful cousin on her wedding day! Her dress was simple and we added all the extras!
It came out amazing I was so proud of myself!
Bitter sweet moment though

1. When the Dasmore (groomsmen) came to the morning wedding 2.Bridesmaids waiting to pick her up

So our flight was delayed to Turkey which made us miss our connecting flight which made us stranded in Turkey . . . 1. Waiting for our flight in Podgorica 2. Hotel the Airline put us in

this gets its own section
The story behind this picture is rather sweet
My cousin got married in a traditional ALbanian way which means before she actually got her ring he gave her this cross which is like a promise. Tradition has it that when you get married you are suppose to give the cross to your sister so she can be next. She doesn’t have any sister and well we are all really close and consider each other sisters and she gave me this. I have yet to take it off it was the most thoughtful gift I ever received. Thank you so much Netta! I don’t even know if you are reading this but I LOVE IT!

I will post more pics of her wedding including what I wore to both morning and night.

So life is slowly getting back to normal and jetlag is slowly going away. . . . cant wait to post more pictures! 

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